Hi, I'm Sıla

Full-time Inspo Generator, Part-time Selective Sponge

When I squint and concentrate, I can come up with mad ideas and solid concepts real fast!

I enjoy looking for things no one else catches, tackling taboos, and taking on new, exciting challenges.

When I’m not identifying trends, complex challenges, and opportunities, conducting benchmark, social media, competitor research, and analyses, crafting creative briefs and concepts based on strong insights, or presenting strategies, I take joy in the little things like generating captions that make people LOL on social media, writing posts about digital trends on Medium, creating face filters on Spark AR, making TikToks or thinking of creative campaigns for brands that do not exist or for existing brands that do not know that I exist as a leisure time activity, constantly learning, growing and evolving…

For me, it’s all about digesting every aspect of the digital world, one byte at a time as an enthusiastic digitally savvy strategist with a desire to define problems and uncover consumer behavior, a zeal for developing effective creative strategies, and a passion for making businesses look unique, exciting, and interesting through hard work, attention to detail and punk marketing!

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