Hi, I'm Sıla

New-Grad Punk Marketer & Lifelong Learner

Let’s start with an ice breaker! Here’s an interesting fact about me: When I squint and concentrate, I can come up with creative ideas real fast!

I am the modern-day Amélie: I take joy in the little things like generating captions that make people smile on social media, blogging about my thought bubbles, creating interactive stories, or any content based on my mood, editing videos with a narcissistic smile on my face at 5 am, thinking of creative campaigns for brands that do not exist or for existing brands that do not know that I exist as a leisure time activity...

Basically, just another aspiring digital strategist exploring the simplicity of life, trying to see the beauty in almost everything, but failing to do so by getting lost in details.

I like to look for things no one else catches, which is a fancy of way of saying that I can make any boring small business look unique, exciting, and interesting!

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